Brackets 1.0

An open-source text editor for web designers by Adobe

#3 Product of the DayNovember 05, 2014
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How'd a text editor get to 39MB download and 119MB install?
"Adobe has just released version 1.0 of Brackets, its free open-source text editor that’s built in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, for coding HTML, CSS and JavaScript."
@erictwillis I've been using sublime, so a comparison between these 2 could be handy:
This is very smooth and light IDE! Totally would recommend to my html-friends! :)
Been using this for a bit now had no idea it wasn't even out of beta yet, it's always been very polished. Favorite feature is the server it opens in a chrome window to do side-by-side live previews. Also has a great hover-highlighting feature between that server window and the codebase in the other window. Maybe in the future we'll see some lighttable-esque "data flows" for JS?
I'm an early user, but I still find myself jumping to other programs for specific tasks. Of course, adding more things sort of takes away from it, but I am hoping the plug-ins take off.