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kacy fortner@kacyf · Engineer, Perfect Audience
What a beautiful app! I have a quick question. I've noticed that you have "common OS X keyboard shortcuts", but do you have VIM shortcuts or do you plan to add them? It's probably my most favorite feature from Gmail, Sparrow, and Mailbox. Thanks!
Fabrizio Rinaldi@linuz90 · filmmaker
@kacyf Thanks Kacy! Those would be a nice addiction, you're right. I'll put it on our list and I'll discuss it with @frankdilo to see what we can do :)
Caleb Winters@cmwinters · Product Designer @ GitHub
@kacyf +1 for the VIM shortcuts. :)
@linuz90 @kacyf +1 on VIM shortcuts!
Jason Glaspey@jasonglaspey · Founder - Factory
@kacyf +1 for VIM shortcuts. It's actually a deal breaker for me. Without, I might as well be using Apple Mail. :(
Alex Bush@alex_v_bush · Author of
@kacyf +1 on VIM shortcuts as well. It's a power feature but it increases productivity tenfold.
Matthew Spear@matthew_spear · CS Student / iOS App Developer
@kacyf +1 for VIM shortcuts!!