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Jason Rappaport@goldenchaos · Founder and CEO, Squareknot
Been using a Fluid app with Inbox for months, ever since Mailbox became abandonware. Since I used Fabrizio's icon for my Fluid app, I was seriously anticipating this. It's lightyears ahead of using the browser version, and a total joy to use. I *really* wish it had full-screen/split-screen support, though; it's the only app on my Mac that doesn't, and it rea… See more
Fabrizio Rinaldi@linuz90 · filmmaker
@goldenchaos Thanks so much Jason, much appreciated! We're going to implement split-screen and full-screen in the next version of the app, it's something we also care about. And we're also working on a separate compose window, that would make a huge difference. Also thank you for pointing out the other little details, be assured that I'll look into everythin… See more