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Fabrizio Rinaldi@linuz90 · filmmaker
Hello Product Hunters! I’m super excited to be here. Thanks so much @chrismessina for testing our app and hunting it! I’m the designer of Boxy, and @frankdilo is the developer. Boxy is a feature-rich Mac client for Inbox by Gmail. We are wrapping the Inbox web interface in a native OS X app that supports notifications, default email client setting, common … See more
Ryan Shook@ryanshook · Creative Director
@linuz90 Looks like a great product! Do you have any more coupon codes left?
Caleb Winters@cmwinters · Product Designer @ GitHub
@linuz90 I really love the Reader mode! Great feature. I've been wanting a desktop version of Inbox for a while now. This is great! :)
Rebecca@_rsamuelson · Senior BI Engineer
@linuz90 love it, needed it, bought it..BUT doesn't seem to want to connect my work email because we use OneLogin. Any ideas?
Fabrizio Rinaldi@linuz90 · filmmaker
@_rsamuelson we're fixing authentication issues with external services right now, sorry for your problem!