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Hi everyone! I'm one of the co-founders of Bowery, along with @stevekaliski and @thebyrd —we're really excited to release our new desktop app that makes it even easier to get started on a new project or share your development environment with others. We're also announcing our seed round—more details here: Would love feedback and thoughts on the product. What features do you wish your dev environment had? What can we make easier?
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@zmh @stevekaliski @thebyrd "AWS will charge you for the machines you create at an m1.medium rate. Bowery is free for 30 days and 3 cents per hour after that." -- this seems pricey. Is this on top of the m1 price?
@jlax @zmh @stevekaliski @thebyrd From what I understand, it's 3 cents in addition to the AWS hourly fee charge. Dev Environ as a service could work well for lots a folks
@jlax @zmh @stevekaliski @thebyrd It's ~$14.5/mo if you only use it on work days and ~$20/mo if you are constantly using it.
This is potentially huge for those of us in the prototyping/product design side of the house. I've been dying for years for an easier way to tinker, test and deploy without needing to get a local environ set-up. The trick will be in simplifying initial set-up. Even getting AWS credentials into the system could be daunting. In the future, I hope Bowery could do something like look at a Github repo and auto-config a server based on requirements in the file.
@shellen it's definitely something we're working on! Bowery 2 had a 'bowery.json' file you could place in your repo which would let a user clone the repo and boot up the infrastructure super quick. We're working on a similar feature for Bowery 3!
@stevekaliski @shellen That sounds awesome. Would be great for there to be a standard format for that information anyway. Perhaps you should promote a format that would be useful beyond Bowery. If that became something that people included in the .md or a required.json file that would be fantastic.
happy happy investor via @homebrew
@hunterwalk @homebrew Saw that on twitter. Nice catch here. Our dev was just talking about moving our environment, so I'll pass this onto him.
@SacBookReviewer @hunterwalk @homebrew Thanks! Happy to help onboard—email us at and we'll work to make sure everything is set up perfectly :)
Bowery is awesome! Great product.
Would be nice to see support for @DigitalOcean as well.
@JadoJodo @DigitalOcean Definitely—we'll add support for other providers based on user demand. Is Survey Vitals built on DigitalOcean?