A JavaScript framework to build conversational UIs 🤖

BotUI is an open source framework that helps developers build conversation UIs using JavaScript and HTML.

Suraj Pai
Adarsh M
  • Suraj Pai
    Suraj PaiMachine Learning Enthusiast

    Clean documentation, Easy adoption code, Custom CSS for elements


    Image element css cannot be customized, No video element

    BotUI is pretty awesome. The interface is clean with catchy UX adding up to a pretty engaging bot. The documentation is easy to follow and almost takes no time to integrate this into your site.

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Moin Uddin
Moin UddinMakerPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
Hello PH, I redesigned my personal site ( a few weeks ago and people started asking if I could it for them too. So I started working on BotUI and first usable version is now on available. Its an open source JavaScript framework you can use to build an unimaginable number of conversational UIs. I believe whatever purpose a form is serving, a chat UI can serve it better. Feedback is welcome!
Douglas Evaristo
Douglas Evaristo@douglasevaristo · Product Manager
Moin Uddin
Moin UddinMakerPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
@douglasevaristo Glad to know it. 😸
David Ciaffoni
David Ciaffoni@davidkc · 💬✅
Literally just
Ryan DiMascio
Ryan DiMascio@ryandimascio · ui/ux design & frontend/ios code
@davidkc does take input?
Dylan Buckley
Dylan Buckley@dylankbuckley
@davidkc It's absolutely not. This is an open-source framework that you can do whatever you want with. Yours is a service that one assumes you want to charge for in the future. I don't want to create an account to get some ui components.
Dylan Buckley
Dylan Buckley@dylankbuckley
Ah this is great! I was looking for something similar the other day! Nice work!
Moin Uddin
Moin UddinMakerPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
@dylankbuckley Thank you!
Şamil Karahisar
Şamil Karahisar@samilkarahisar · Maker of makertask, remotecv and notnapp
This is great? Why is it free?
Moin Uddin
Moin UddinMakerPro@moinism · Creator/Developer
@samilkarahisar 😊 flattered.