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Baptiste Jamin
Baptiste JaminHiring@baptistejamin · CEO, Crisp. is a great platform for bot makers. From a simple dashboard and a simple API you can build chatbots with few lines of code. Give it a try!
P-Edward Lieb
P-Edward Lieb@pedward_lieb · Partnerships Manager @RecastAI
Good job team ! :)
Todd Terrazas
Todd Terrazas@toddterrazas · nerd making a dream come true
@pedward_lieb awesome!!
Patrick Joubert
Patrick Joubert@patricksclouds · CEO, Recast.AI
Proud of the team! :) Well done!
Dmitry Kornyukhov
Dmitry Kornyukhov@dkornyukhov · Translator, Founder of
Yay to breaking language barriers with bots! Congrats on the launch @jasmineanteunis!
Jasmine Anteunis
Jasmine AnteunisMaker@jasmineanteunis · Core team, Recast.AI
@dkornyukhov Thank you!