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Hello errybody. First things first, credit to @mubashariqbal and @sethlouey with this - I came to them with this idea in January and without them this would be a google sheet and nothing more. Came up with this, a third party site to host bots from the various platforms after the Slack App Directory came out and there was lots of talk around Facebook doing it with Messenger. I'm sure others are working on this space too. This is our very MVP version and a side project we have been chipping away at on weekends over the past few months. There is lots in the pipeline and some tidying up to do: - share buttons will be turned on today [EDIT] - Fixed! - trying to figure the best way to add taglines without it looking hella ugly - Mobile responsive Timing is great for something like this. With the Kik launch of theirs last week and no doubt Facebook launching theirs tomorrow. Here is one not owned by the platform itself. Big thanks to all the Alpha testers! I also think its important to get into the maker process. Ask away :) UPDATE/EDIT We've had such an incredible launch yesterday, everything was blowing up. There was coverage on TechCrunch, LAUNCH ticker and Digital Trends, countless shares etc etc. Servers have been a bit up and down in patches while people decided to target us ha. Thanks for bearing with us regardless! Crazy response :)
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@socialnerdia thanks, as I said - credit to @mubashariqbal and @sethlouey here :)
@bentossell Awesome work guys, especially for an MVP! Great logo, and love the Build a Bot category. Looking forward to seeing where this goes. Best of luck with it!
Glad to see this launched πŸš€ With this being the year of the bots having a central place to search _all the bots_ makes total sense πŸ‘Œ Nicely done team πŸ€–
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I think we need a bot for this. (so the loop is closed)
@pavelpekanov something we are looking at ;)
@bentossell @pavelpekanov I've been working on this the last couple days, will send it to PH once I can get my facebook page approved with messaging functionality. So that it can be on sms, Telegram, Kik and Facebook Messenger at launch.
@bentossell Looks good, but what's the difference in botlist & https://www.producthunt.com/tech...? Only 3 days ago and they only got 116 upvotes. This looks to be upvoted & commented by most of the heavy hitters at Product Hunt. Is it all about marketing it better?
@mattpickle_ adam signed up for my alpha last week so its cool to see his version launch too. Its an obvious space to look at so not surprised there are others. We are focusing on trying to not make it an overwhelming experience when browsing, adding images where we can, we have a Build A Bot section which we hope to expand on, there are a few things in the pipeline which we think will be a great addition here
Looks really cool! Any thoughts regarding bot creators "claiming ownership" for individual bots, so that we can add media, a description, release notes, etc?
@wilhelmklopp Yeah its on our roadmap... Maybe for version 2. Didn't want too many moving parts for the first launch but it's definitely not been overlooked!
@wilhelmklopp @bentossell I second that. Our page is quite minimal, and not very inviting to try/install. I understand you're overwhelmed with populating the store, but letting creators own their listing is a win-win for both sides
@mmariansky @wilhelmklopp yeh it will happen. but like I said - too many straight at launch may have made it messy. Need to figure out a good process going forward. what would you want to see added to the Meekan page?
@mmariansky @bentossell Yeah, same here haha. The Simple Poll page is not exactly inviting. A logo would be nice :P https://botlist.co/bots/491-simp...
@wilhelmklopp @mmariansky ha that is because it was not supposed to be visible yet ;) Lots of bots are in the queue like this, half ready to be visible - I'll update this one now!