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We launched BotList 1 Year ago today and in that time we received 1602 PH upvotes, became Twitter verified, had countless interviews on bots, and grew an amazing community. What better way to celebrate than to launch our very own search and discovery bot on Facebook?! πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ πŸŽ‰ Since FB doesn't have their own way to search and discover bots, we saw the need to implement our own. The great thing about our bot is the ability to search cross platform. YES, you heard me right... Since bots are cross platform, doesn't it make sense to have the ability to search cross platform? Yuppp. Thanks to everyone who has supported BotList and our community! I'd love to hear how we can improve our bot.
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@sethlouey Awesome bro. Congratulations, this is great.
@rgupta29 Thanks dude!!! Anyone reading this, go try out Evabot!
Botlist is the perfect platform to find the newest bots. Now we will be able to find new bots inside a bot πŸ˜‰ #BotInception Congrats on the launch @sethlouey @mubashariqbal πŸš€
@mrcalexandre thanks for a great compliment! What else can we add to the bot to mak it better? //@mubashariqbal
Congratulations on a year! You're just getting started!
Thanks @brandonoelling! Looking forward to providing more value to the community.
Really cool idea!
@william_yin Thanks William!
Makes a lot of sense and casual bot browsing on mobile works well in the messenger format. Nice job @sethlouey and @mubashariqbal!
Thanks @alec1a! Hoping to solve some issues that FB isn't doing right now. I do love the cross-platform search ability, but think that we need to segment it a bit more. In time I guess. πŸ˜‰ // @mubashariqbal
@sethlouey @mubashariqbal Yeah, perhaps periodically ask some questions of your bot users or have an explicit "Tell us more about what you need" (in some terser form) and allow a mix of quick replies and conversational. Basically find out where they use bots (business, personal productivity, etc), what their job is and other things that might help surface recommendations from your bot that are more targeted.
@alec1a great thing is that we track all of the user search attributes. So we can go in later and better curate the content with our v2.1 bot. But yeah, that's some excellent feedback. Thanks for that. :) // @mubashariqbal