BotList 2.0

The best bots for Messenger, Slack, Alexa, Discord and more

BotList 2.0 is an app store for bots.

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Thanks so much for the hunt @ericwillis! BotList has come a long way since it's initial launch a little over a year ago. We've tested thousands and thousands of bots since launch and receive over 60k users per month visiting the site looking for bots. Since our initial launch, we've been busy working alongside the community trying to fully understand their frustrations within the chatbot industry, so we could better assist them. We came up with a fantastic roadmap and we're very excited to share BotList 2.0 with you today. Phase I of our plan was to create a more polished platform for future progression and growth for our community and to do that we added some new features. There are many new features, but the feature that I'm most excited for is BotList Pro accounts! ⚡️ Pro accounts allow users to get exclusive features, offers, and more! What are your thoughts about BotList and the chatbot industry? I'd love to know. 🤖
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@ericwillis @sethlouey There's potential, but I think it's still wayyyy too early.
@tomfme I don't think that it's that far off. BotList's Messenger bot receives tons of messages daily from people searching for bots to assist them. Yes, does need improvement, but with bots like the Golden State Warriors bot, there's no doubt for mass adoption. Another great thing about bots, updating the technology is 3x faster than traditional apps.
@sethlouey Would be nice to have the line breaks in description compare to Cheers!
@stas_kulesh detail pages are next on our list to be updated. Not sure how I missed that one, but we'd like to display more information about the bot. Like, was the bot built with say Chatfuel or custom.
I love seeing the progress Seth and Mubs have made with Botlist! Congrats on the launch, what are the big updates you can share and whats on the roadmap?
Thanks @bentossell! My favorite updates are Collections and Pro accounts to assist in discovery. We've improved search, gave users their own identity with new profile pages, and are improving the SEO. Some things on our roadmap is the ability to give bot makers to claim their bot pages to edit them, giving users the ability to mark themselves as "for hire", adding a marketplace, and some more secret stuff.
@bentossell Thanks for the hunt Ben, and for the help getting BotList of the ground originally 😁 We're very excited to see the space continue to grow and evolve, and see the role of BotList grow likewise. Seth has outlined a lot of the things we've done, and some that we plan to do, but I think the best thing we can do, is listen to the users and their needs, and attempt to satisfy their needs. Give us your feedback!
Congratulations BotList team! Really excited for the marketplace and botmaker features coming up 👍
Thanks @juannikin. I'm also very excited for the marketplace! I have a few bots I would like to sell. ;)
Good job Seth! Keep rocking))
@baskelos Thanks man! We will!
Excellent work on this platform. I'm confident it will help expand the world of bots to so many people. Congratulations @sethlouey and your team.
@nathan_d_harris thanks a ton. Education is definitely very important to us. Which is why we are building up BotList Labs on Facebook. 😉