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It was one hell of a wild ride after launching botlist a few months back. @sethlouey and @mubashariqbal have been working on it since and it's had a facelift as well as partnered with @VentureBeat This is a new site where you can keep up to date on all the Bot-funding news! Tell us more about this guys :)
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@bentossell @sethlouey @venturebeat Thanks Ben! We're continuing to work very hard on Botlist, solidifying its place as THE way to find the best new bots on every platform. The whole bot ecosystem is in its infancy and we think sites like BotFunded (and some others we have planned) will make it easier for everyone to navigate the ever changing landscape.
@mubashariqbal @sethlouey @venturebeat very exciting times ahead and look forward to watching it take off even more 🚀
Thanks @bentossell! @mubashariqbal and I are super excited about the @venturebeat partnership and the future of
This is great, many thanks guys! I have a question, though: Why isn't BotFunded a bot?! ;) No worries, with @MailClarkAI we receive our newsletters in a Slack channel.
@jiraisurfer you can't build a brick house on stilts. ;) We wanted to get a solid foundation before we created anything more, but the future is bright.
Botlist is quickly becoming *the* place for everything bots. I think a big part of building a new ecosystem is solving the discovery problem and you guys are on track for that.
@dillisingh Thanks for the kind words! Together, we will rise. :)
Thanks for the Hunt @bentossell The chatbots industry continues to grow, and is beginning to get more significant interest from the venture capital world. Originally planned to be a section of the main Botlist website, we decided the audience was different enough that it warranted it's own site. BotFunded provides an easy way to keep tabs on all the investments being made in chatbots companies. The is our MVP release, as the amount of data continues to grow we're planning on adding additional features to make easy to keep updated on specific companies, those getting and those providing investment. Would love to get your feedback, and happy to answer any questions.
Shock news just in: Seth & Mubs ship another cool side project 😏 This is cool. Any tool like this that makes it easy to get a grasp on the data makes makers lives easier. Great job guys 💪
@fredrivett Thanks Fred, all the funding going into Bots is a sure sign that this more than just a fad, and making the data accessible is a goal of our!