Publicly exposing Twitter propaganda bot accounts is doing what Twitter won't— detecting & tracking Twitter propaganda. Enter a handle & try it out!

Ash Bhat, the maker of, gave a speech at my school four years ago right after he dropped out of high school. Pretty cool seeing him create meaningful products using ML. Best of luck, Ash, and hope to see you talk again!

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I appreciate the share + kind words Sameer! Definitely let me know if you're ever in the Berkeley area. Was the high school you were at Cupertino High?
@theashbhat Monta Vista HS! You were promo'ing 1SB at one of the MV Web Dev Club meetings.
@thesameerk yes! Takes me back! With @jimmyliu + co
Cool build guys! How are you guys determining bot vs human? Is it number of posts per unit time?
Great read for anyone interested in how they went about building this! @robhat What are your thoughts on the value of a chrome extension that (while browsing Twitter via the web) would automatically show this for all of Twitter as you browse it? So, like a hover over summary for individual accounts and/or tweets (based on an analysis of the individual accounts that favorite and/or retweet).
@robhat @dan_stepanov we think a chrome extension would be super valuable. Here you go!
@robhat @dan_stepanov we can't autoclassify all accounts due to API limitation(twitter limits the number of calls we can make per account to 900 per 15 minutes) and compute limitations (we're running the model server side not client side)