Bot Stash

A curated directory of chat bot resources & tools.

Bot Stash is a directory of resources and tools that help chatbot developers to enhance the development process. The bots community growing very fast and lots of new products are launched every week. The aim of this product is to keep track of all the relevant resources and tools related to chatbots community.

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Hello, Product Hunt community, The chatbot community is growing so fast. Lots of products related to bots are launching every week. The purpose of this product is to keep all the important tools and resources relevant to bot community at one place. It makes easy for current and future bot developers & enthusiasts to find out more resources available for them. When I developed & launched my first messenger bot, I came to know about many bot development platforms during the later stage. I started to keep track of all significant tools by adding to the collections on Product Hunt. Soon, I realized lots of tools are already launched for various purposes and to make it easy I categorized them. Hope it will be helpful to other bot enthusiasts too. Thank you @kwdinc for hunting us. Thank you @craigjbarber and @sethlouey for reviewing the site and giving the feedback. It means a lot.
@keyul Nice work ! This is going to be very useful !
@benjmerritt Glad to hear. The purpose is to be helpful to other bot makers. Thank you for suggesting more resources.
@benjmerritt Thank you !!
@keyul @kwdinc @sethlouey Well done guys! Great to see you launch 👊🚀
Hello everyone, I am a developer of Bot stash. This is my first product on Product Hunt. Thank you for this awesome response. We have categorized the useful resources and tools into the development platform, marketing, prototyping, analytics, customer service, bot stores etc. This will make bot developer's work simplified and easier. If you have more resources to suggest then submit here - If you have any feedback or other suggestions reach out to us -
good job guys. useful resources
@nishant_k_gupta Thank you. Share these resources with others too.
Thanks for curating for the bot community -this is awesome.
So, how is the content maintained and refreshed? For example, how do you update the conferences section and ensure all the information is relevant and latest?
@nmk great question. We continuously keep eye on launching of new products from various sites, discussion forum, newsletters and other bots related groups. We review all the resources before posting. We have also provided links on the site so any user can suggest new resources or the report the deadlink.