Conversational analytics for bots

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Hi All, Ilker here, co-founder of Botanalytics. Thanks for having a look at what we’ve built. Since launching our private beta, hundreds of bots have used Botanalytics and found ways to measure engagement of conversations and identify bottlenecks in the conversations to give great experience to their users. Now, we’re excited to say any bot owner can use Botanalytics. Happy to answer any question.
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@ilkerkoksal This is a stellar product (at least in potential, since I haven't tested the product yet). This could provide much useful data both for bot builders and bot owners. It would be great to have a demo account to see that dashboard in action though. :)
@ilkerkoksal Do you have a Microsoft Bot Framework integration?
And now there's analytics for your bots. Got a bot? You can now get data and insights on how your bot is behaving. Has it been naughty or nice?! Find out by installing Bot Analytics on your bot.
I'm always on the lookout for better tracking for my bot and this looks pretty neat. I am curious how this differs from other options on the market already such as etc.?
@dannyfreed thank you very much, I hope you'll like and use it for your bot. A conversation between your bot and users can go from 5 steps to 50 steps, with our conversation filter page you are able to deep dive into conversations and find bottlenecks. For further you can check out our botanalytics 101 webinar video from this link :
How hard is it to build an app during a coup? @rrhoover (Turkish entrepreneurs launching products during a coup is pretty nuts!)
@datarade @rrhoover It is not that easy but we have passion to provide best analytics solution for the bot owners, botters :). thank you very much for your support!
Congratulations, it looks great! For task oriented bots, do you have any plans for setting funnels in conversation?
@dorukmolo We'll be adding funnels and some other features for conversations soon.