Boston Curb Alert

Helping Boston discover great curb-side items

Our mission at Boston Curb Alert is to leverage social data and community involvement to help the residents of Boston discover unwanted household items, discarded during move-in periods, and extend the life of those items.
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Boston Curb Alert is a fun little side project I've been working on for a little while... in fact, this is the 3rd "update" of the site. Just in time for Boston's crazy move-in season! Happy to answer any questions/comments/feedback/etc. Thanks for checking Boston Curb Alert out!
Why just boston tho?
@modulus given the high student population and that it's where I live, it was the logical first place -- with that said, there's been quite a bit of interest for other cities, so we're planning on rolling out other cities by the end of the year! Any suggestions on where to go next?
@genuinejack that makes sense. I guess just other places that are transient where people move in/out a lot and leave stuff on the side of the road. Maybe DC, Brooklyn, Austin...
@modulus You nailed it -- we're focused primarily on cities with a high transient population. The shortlist right now includes Austin, Boulder, Chicago, Portland, and DC!