Read and write anonymous messages to your friends

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We wanted something stupid simple to communicate with our friends freely, without any embarrassment. Something to allow people to give advices, make revelations, reveal secrets or simply say what they think to people they know in a public and anonymous way. So we built BOOOM and we discovered it was fun and entertaining. Now we would like to discover if it is the same for other people, beside our beta testers. Let’s all craft the new releases of BOOOM together!
Does it require the other person to have the app? How does it send the message? by email? sms?
@jorgemf when you post a message to a friend of yours we notify them with an SMS, but to read it they have to download the app. Thanks for asking. We hope you enjoy! :)
@massimoscarpis I am trying the app now. I had an idea very similar that I am developing. My concerns are how to control the trolls in the app and how to make it viral. I guess you solve the latter with the sms.
@jorgemf yep! BTW SMS are expensive, but I think it is the best way to make it viral. We developed also a very simple, but effective report process that should prevent bullying, slander or similar.
Looks funny! It would be interesting to see if you're able to create a viral loop. Good luck :)
@aboutbiggio I will try to, for sure! Let's keep in touch. :)
What do you think about Truth? It was also promoted here in product hunt . I seems like a very similar idea, but looks it didn't get enough tracktion.
@jorgemf I knew it, but it seems to work in a different way: if I'm not wrong, messages on Truth are private, right?
@massimoscarpis Yes, it is like a private chat between two. I also think anonymous public is better, but not sure if it will make the difference.
@jorgemf me too. We are also planning a private side, but first we would like to see how the public side work.