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#5 Product of the WeekFebruary 24, 2020
Booklets is a bite sized learning platform with insights in Product, Design, UI/UX, Marketing, Branding and more.
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Hey everyone! I'm Abhinav, one of the makers of A few months back, I noticed a trend on Instagram and LinkedIn where creators were creating "micro-blogs" in the form of carousel posts. Some of my favourite designers had started sharing their learning process on Instagram, and I was finding tremendous value in it! However, over time it got hard for me to keep track of interesting posts and easily search and look-up older ones. I created this website as an aggregation of these "micro-blogs' aka booklets, categorised them by topic and made them searchable. One of the problems self-taught designers, marketers and creators face is that online courses are useful only if you know exactly what you need to learn and want to explore DEPTH. But while starting out, often you don't know how vast the topic is. With my interviews with early users, I've found a lot of them using Booklets to explore the BREADTH of an industry before they decide to start learning. So far, I've seen a tremendous response from the community with becoming a bookmarked site to easily look up and reference for learning material. This has also helped the creators on the site spread their learnings and grow their audience. With future iterations of the site, I want to explore how bite-sized learning as a format can be pushed even further in different fields. This is the first iteration of the site, looking forward to your feedback on how I can improve it!
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@abnux This is amazing! Some design feedback: I wish I didn't have to read the booklet in monospace type on a dark background. Otherwise, great!
@abnux how do I submit my IG handle? I've been doing the educational carousels.
Hey, How would I submit content?
Damn, this is a dope resource! Thanks for making it.
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@pablostanley Thank you Pablo! Congrats on your launch too, happy to see two design resources launch on the same day ๐Ÿ˜ƒ
Nice one I'll feature it in Undesign A lot of good design products today !!
This is hands down the best thing I have seen in this month. So valuable! I probably have hundreds of screenshots on my phone from those IG micro-blogs and they will probably be lost and forgotten soon. Finally they are in one place. Easy to access. Seriously thank you!
Hey @sobedominik you can upload your screenshots to "Google Photos" (just install the app), besides unlimited storage, all the photos are indexed with OCR - which means you can search for the text inside images ๐Ÿ˜‰ Pretty neat!
Really awesome. One thing that annoys me a bit is that if I like something I cannot just copy and paste the text :/ Pity! Otherwise I like the idea, looks cool too.