Bookkeeping for indie hackers & small businesses

Bookleaf takes care of bookkeeping for busy indie hackers, founders, and small business owners. Bookkeeping is done by licensed accountants from world-class firms like PwC and EY.
Prices start as low as $99/mo.
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Hello Makers & Product Hunt lurkers πŸ‘‹ Bookleaf is a bookkeeping service that specializes in working with indie makers, startups, and small businesses. 🌍 Our in-house team of licensed accountants work at world class financial firms like Ernst & Young, PwC,and Deloitte. 🀝 Bookleaf started with my accountant friend Ariana providing bookkeeping services for local small businesses in New York. She soon noticed how much opportunity there is in the space. And then came to me to help her build out a team of accountants and scale out the business further. Now here we are on Product Hunt vying for attention πŸ™‚ πŸ“š Every month, our on-demand team of bookkeepers keep your books in order and deliver monthly financial reportings for your business to help you keep your finances in check. Our accountants are also available to answer any questions you might have, over email or video call. I'll personally be here all day to respond to any questions/feedback you might have. (Ariana actually works lol). You can send me responses and questions in the comment section below or you can email me: Thanks for reading πŸ˜„
@nyu @antdke clever idea, have you considered having a referral scheme? All my accounting recommendations come from other founders and think it would be nice to incentivise business owners already using you to invite their friends and peers.
@abadesi That's a great idea. We'll work on implementing that
Lovely design! I've come across a few similar services and it's a shame they are all exclusively for US-based customers... Would love to have a similar service in the EU. On that note, I can only assume that you only serve the USA-market, because you don't actually mention it anywhere on the website. I can see you use $ as your currency and that you refer to US institutions, but a small disclaimer like "only available in the USA" anywhere on the website would not hurt. You even have an FAQ section, that's the perfect place to mention it (excluding the hero section). It kind of gets on my nerves when people/companies assume that their country is the only one in the world or that anyone who happens to stumble upon their service will just so happen to live in the same country they do.
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@anna_0x That's a valid point. We'll add that to the site. Thanks for the feedback!
@antdke that was quick! Good luck with your service πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Congrats on the launch, it's great to see some innovation in this space! Would love to chat regarding year-end financial statements and taxes prepared by CPAs, I run Stamped ( which is doing just that.
@pdionne Hi Philippe - I'd be happy to connect via LinkedIn. Stamped looks like a great company!