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Found this while trying to answer an question on Product Hunt regarding pdf reader for iOS. The question seemed simple and there seemed to be answers (iBooks, Kindle, etc). But to my surprise, neither Kindle or iBooks supported features like night mode for pdf files. Kindle even crashed a few times while trying to import the pdf into it, which made me start searching for alternatives to answer the question. Bookari seem beautiful and helped me import the pdf without any crashes. It offered basic (night mode) features and awesome features like choosing the page swipe direction & annotations along with a good user experience. Ads seemed to be annoying but subscriptions should help get rid of that. Lastly, supports drop box sync, so wished it supported sync across more things. If you are a Kindle subscriber then Kindle store would be a big reason for you to stay but if you just want to read some pdfs then this is definitely worth a try.
Just saw the you can also listen to your files/books and also the notes support HTML; naice!!