Book 'Choose Life'

A book to help you escape the 9-5 rat race.

'Choose Life' is a validation tool to help you make huge life changing decisions.

So many of us are stuck on the hamster wheel of life. This book is proof that by thinking just a little differently and taking what you perceive to be a risk, that you can actually forge a better and fuller life for yourself and your family.

Step off the wheel

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Interesting choice of title, considering the politically-charged nature of the phrase (vis-a-vis the abortion issue in the U.S.).
@idahole_dot_com I can assure it's not about that, but thanks for the point, it must be a very US centric term, I hope it hasn't caused any offence! It is a book about stepping away from the rat race and living a fuller life!
@daniel_prince I gathered it wasn't about that topic, but yes, it's a touchy subject in the US, and the phrase has been used extensively by one side in the debate.
@idahole_dot_com Thank you for pointing this out and for the heads up! I hope you have a great weekend, it has given me thought on whether to change the title!