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Hi, guys, I'm Sari, the co-founder of Bontact. I'm a huge fan of Product Hunt and really excited that we got hunted! We started Bontact in 2014 because we saw that there were more and more communications channels that people were using, and we saw the need for a solution that brings them all together in one package. The idea was that the same way you might talk to your friends via phone, email, chat, SMS, Skype, Whatsapp, etc. throughout the day, websites should let their visitors talk to them through many channels easily from one place. We've currently got six channels in our widget and are working on adding more, as well as more features like bots. I'll be around all day to answer any questions, so just ping me if there's anything I can help with!
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@sari_roth Really cool! I've been waiting for a solution like this for a while. Good luck!πŸ‘ŠπŸ»
@itsruback Thanks, go Bontact :)
Great founders dedicated to customer Service at the highest level. Go Bontact!
@mikeeisenberg Yep! you're right ME, as we say - from now on don't just contact, BONTACT :)
Looks great. Can you tell what sets your service apart from Olark & Zopim?
@bpines1 Bontact is a multi-channel solution that enables brands to communicate with their customers the way they prefer and allow them to hand over the interaction from one channel/device to another smoothly
@bpines1 they make awesome chat apps and there are a ton of others. We wanted to do something different, though. There are a lot of times where site visitors would rather have a conversation in different channels beyond chat, or start a conversation through chat and then move to voice or Skype or whatever. We wanted to integrate all those channels in one place so that businesses don't lose that conversation.
@eldad_r Eldad thanks that makes it clear
Super cool, kudos!!!!
@ttagrin Tnx Tomer :)
Found your pricing, thanks.
@haimpekel tnx :) the link referred to our old website, please check again, you'll see the pricing