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Hi everyone, This is by far our most requested feature recently. Very excited to have this live and happy to answer any question or hear your feedback. Happy freelancing from Bonsai!
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Hi Hunters! We’re excited for this huge update to our Freelance Invoicing and Payment products! One of the best ways to “level up” your freelancing business is to find projects that pay on a regular basis, such as retainer or maintenance work. But it can be a pain to constantly remember to create and send invoices. And your clients hate getting those stream of invoices, having to re-enter their payment details, etc. Bonsai Recurring Payments solves that by (1) automating the scheduling and sending of invoices, and (2) saving clients’ payment info so they’re automatically charged when an invoice is due. We’ve had an early version of this out for a while, and it saves our freelancers and clients tons of time and headaches. We’re now excited to share it with everyone here. The Bonsai team is here on Product Hunt + on Intercom on our site, so don’t hesitate to ask us any questions!
This is fantastic guys. Great job on this and excited to try it out. This is definitely a must have product for successful freelancers.
@glevd Thanks Guillaume! Very happy to bring that to you.
tagline - billing for productised consulting :)
LOVE this software! I'm actually re-inspired to do more with my side business because of your service. Thanks!