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Aloha Product Hunt 🌴 Thanks for hunting us @mijustin. Really appreciate your support. We built BoltMail to help manage mail deliveries to the workplace. Everybody loves to shop online but getting things delivered to your home means you risk missing a delivery when you’re at the office. To avoid this, we often ship to the workplace, but as we buy more and more online, personal mail can overload the office mailroom. In some companies, personal mail can account to between 30-40% of all incoming mail. That’s where BoltMail comes in. BoltMail is a mailroom management solution for the modern team. Our app helps admins quickly and efficiently process incoming mail. We automatically create an inventory of your mailroom so that you can track what’s in there, and provide an ability to remind coworkers to come collect forgotten mail. Hope you like the product, and I’d love to hear any feedback you might have ⚡️ — Shane
We all see packages pile up at offices but is this really that big of a problem for most companies? I can see how this might be useful for very large companies but imho I'm unsure how big of a problem it is. Curious to hear your thoughts, @shanedjrogers. You know much more about this than me. :)
@shanedjrogers @rrhoover A couple of little/medium companies I worked in were a little bit tired of dealing with personal mails . I guess it might be interesting .
@kevinpavrette yeah for sure, we're trying to focus on those companies which are transitioning from being tired of the process to the process being a problem
Hey @rrhoover thanks for taking a look, so, totally fair point and I agree, theres a size below which mail management is more convenience than pain point. For mid-large size companies, personal mail delivered to the office can start to add up (~30% of incoming mail can be personal), at that level mail management becomes part of the role of the frontdesk. Some bigger institutions put limits or bans on personal mail delivered to work because theres too much to handle. Adhoc systems we see used to manage this are the classic google sheets inventory and manual mail message to recipients, the pain here is felt mostly by the workplace services staff. BoltMail is our attempt to streamline the process for growing companies which have yet to adopt an older legacy mailroom system. Future jobs to solve are dealing with letters and shipping returns. Hoping to get more great feedback over the coming weeks on our first version. Anything you see in the product that you think is 👎/👍?