BoltHub Pro

Invisible USB-C Hub for MacBook & iPad

BoltHub Pro is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the BoltHub, with a much wider compatibility and a thoughtful power-saving design to make it a perfect constant companion to your Apple devices.
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Totally invisible.
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For once the marketing is correct. This thing is invisible. It was only the big chunk of metal and all the hideous cables sticking out the top corner of the monitor that gave it away.
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Do you want wires coming from your monitor? Yes? No?
@ericdiepeveen Noo, that's the first thing that came up when I see this. But it looks like they have a lot of backers, so, some people don't care 🤷‍♂️
This is ridiculous. Apple just need to add the inputs to the computer
@smithmanny At the very least an HDMI.
who on earth came up with this tagline?