Private, independent, and user-funded photo sharing

Bokeh will be a social network to share photos with friends and family privately. It will be ad-free, have a chronological timeline, and will be private by default. Other features include RSS feeds, cross-posting, and custom domains.
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I've known and worked with Tim in some capacity for many years. His new project is a photo sharing app focused on privacy and the user. VCs talk about how you invest in the founder, not the product. And if that's true, then Bokeh is absolutely worth your investment. Like a lot of people, I've grown completely dissolution with social media during the last few years. But I still want to be able to share special moments with my family and friends without worrying about my privacy, ads, acquisitions, etc. I'm really excited to see Bokeh live in the world. This needs to exist! I hope you all are as excited for this as I am, and support the creation of a new kind of social media.
@avclark Wow. I'm taken aback with your kind words. I appreciate your support and encouragement greatly.