The skype for high-end group fitness

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Daniel Liebeskind
Co-Founder & CEO, Topia
Hey Product Hunt! BODY is kind of like Skype or Google Hangouts, but built specifically for group workouts. It is the only social-first online group workout platform where you can take live classes with friends and be seen by each other & the instructor. We built BODY to bring high-end group fitness to the world outside NYC / San Francisco / Los Angeles. BODY brings high-end group fitness classes and personal coaching to users in real time -- wherever they have an internet connection -- at a price almost anyone can afford. Everyone gets to take a free intro class – no credit card required. We’re also offering Product Hunters 50% off their first month by using coupon code PRODUCTHUNT50. A few quick thoughts for context: --- For only $30 / month, we’ve created a full service health ecosystem, which includes a $50 starter kit, a 24/7 wellness hotline, unlimited live classes, a personal coach that helps you optimize your fitness. --- Justin and I are both engineers. Justin is a coach and I am a fitness consumer. We built this to be a perfect solution for coaches and consumers. We know what coaches need to teach well and and what consumers need to workout well and so we built that solution. --- Lots of streaming and DVD services already exist, but these are all a ‘one-way street’, so the instructor can’t see any of the participants, which is dangerous and delivers suboptimal results. Many of the new ones are trying to retrofit the same type of experience with different delivery channels (dvd, streaming, mobile, etc). None of them are very fun or engaging. Many celebrities are now trying to pump out even more videos or streaming services. They can’t grow with you, and generally don’t help you learn new skills. BODY does. If you have any comments or issues, we'd love to hear from you here! Also, don’t hesitate to email me at Any feedback is appreciated.
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Justin Mendelson
Chief Operating Officer @ BODY
As a coach this has given me a whole new way to interact with clients. The key is that it's not a one way stream. I know each and every person who comes to my class, their goals, injuries, progress, past results, etc. It's been a powerful relationship. Our customer are new moms, middle-aged physicians, traveling consultants, and folks who live too far away from the gym or studio. Here is a documentary of one of our users, a 31 yro mother of 2 who works full time who has regained her fitness with BODY.
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Eric NunleeTech Strategist,
Hey Daniel! Did not realize you launched! Awesome, I'm going to book a few classes!
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