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Bobble is the only app from India to be featured on iMessage app store. Its USP is real-time personalization of content while chatting. You can thousands of stickers with your face. Change text on stickers in any language. Share it while chatting on iMessage. Great work @ankitk2
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Right product at the right time creates all the difference. Welcome iOS 10 .. welcome iMessage
@prasad_ankit Hi Ankit, Great to see you on PH. I have used Bobble before with android. I really liked the designs. Any plans of adding in-app store (or if you have already added one) where people can order custom keychains, cups, posters with these designs. I believe people will love such stuff.
@abhas9 We don't have an in-app store neither we plan to in near future but you can always save the sticker in your phone gallery and get it printed from online custom printers. In iOS we also have "Save in High Res" option.
@prasad_ankit had done that once :) without the high res option though and it came out nice :)
Have been using Bobble Stickers for a while. Totally loving it. Thanks to Bobble, I have a new funny profile pic every week. Haha. :D
Bobble has filled the gap in existing conversational apps out in the market today. With its expressive personalised content, iMessage is surely going to be a rockstar.