Create and discover soundboards

Boardim is an app for soundboards.

Discover and create the best board and share it with friends.

You can set your favorite sounds as ringtones or notifications.

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Emily Snowdon (née Hodgins)
Head Of Operations @ Product Hunt
Hi @guygriv 👋 what was your inspiration behind building Boardim? What are some cool features we should check out?
@ems_hodge Hi Emily, I searched for soundboards of my favorite TV shows, and while I found specific apps with only one soundboard, I felt like there should be a platform where people can create and share their soundboards without requiring their friends to install multiple apps. Some cool features: • Deep linking - If you share a board with a friend and he installs the app, when he opens the app for the first time, he’ll land on the board you shared with him. • Ease of creating a soundboard - It’s super simple, you name your board and add a cover photo (optional), and then record yourself or choose from an existing audio file, next you can crop the audio by moving two handles and that’s it! You are ready to share your board with your friends. • Private soundboards - You can mark a soundboard as private and use it for self notes or whatever you like. • Live counters - It’s a small but fun little detail. When you open a soundboard, each sound item has a “number of plays” counter, and it updates in realtime.