BMW Key Fob

A touch screen controller for your car

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Kristofer™Hunter@kristofertm · #6 Product Hunter. E-Skateboard fanatic
Part of me thinks this is the most bad ass key fob ever. The other part of me says, this is another device I'd rather not have to carry in my pocket. It's kinda big. I think I would prefer a tiny key fob with some bluetooth and have all these controls from a companion app on my phone.
Armaan Gupta
Armaan Gupta@katoree · Product at Mapfit
@KristoferTM It's definitely bad ass! I can't fully tell how big the key actually is... definitely looks significantly bigger than the normal BMW key fob. I wonder if they ever tinkered with just placing bluetooth in their normal key fob and then having that connect to an app on your phone to handle controls such as unlocking, preconditioning, etc. Feel like that would have been a sweet way to test and is a bit more practical than another device sized product in my pocket.
Justin McNally
Justin McNally@j_mcnally · Maker
The product spent so long i development that it predates the smart phone and they forgot to scrap it.