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Blurb books (which are primarily photobooks) will now be sold globally through Amazon.
When I was in college I made a portfolio through Blurb. I also needed a copy Right Now—so I spent 14 hours in a Kinkos trying to finagle their printers into working properly, getting the color right, getting them to print onto nice paper, etc. When I went for design interviews in SF I'd bring a Blurb book and an iPad. Nine times out of eleven the interviewer was more impressed by the book.
@willimholte that's a great idea. One of the visual designers we hired at PlayHaven brought in a book and illustrations. It made a good impression on me.
The problem with all these platforms / software is that they don't deal with the primary problem that self-published indie authors have: we need a simple way to design a book, and then easily export it to PDF, Mobi, ePub. I'm (personally) not as interested in the marketplaces.