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Daniel Delouya
@danieldelouya · CEO & Founder at UpToo
Hi everyone! We recently launched Blume, a selfie-dating app that solves ‘catfishing’ in a super simple, fun and engaging way. 💑📷 As recently mentioned on Blume's Techcrunch article this Saturday ( we believe that online dating is suffering several major problems. One is the uncertainty about who’s actually behind the profile you’re matching with. Another major issue in online dating is that people tend to get too many matches and that makes the whole experience of meeting people online quite impersonal. Blume is increasing the chance significantly that the other party is actually interested in getting the conversation going since both parties have to initiate the second step after the initial connection, and that is to send each other an freshly taken selfie in order to match fully. Check out the visuals to see how it works, and please try it out yourself! Blume is available on iOS, and Android is just around the corner ✌️ We’d really appreciate your thoughts and feedback on the product! Looking forward to chat with you guys! Cheers Daniel /CEO & Co-founder