Blueprint Income

A digital retirement plan that works like a pension


The Personal Pension is a retirement paycheck that is guaranteed to come every month in retirement and lasts as long as you’re alive. We think retirement right now is too darn complicated and too DIY — and that’s not the way it used to be. We’re reinventing the annuity market so it’s (1) digital (2) simpler (3) easier and (4) better for consumers.

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managing partner at dorm room fund SF

great, responsive team that actually cares about the core issue behind this product - that saving for retirement is confusing and overly complicated. the design/thought into the product is impeccable, and i've seen how the team works day in / day out to make it happen.


Easy to use interface, everything really simply explained



Data Scientist and Investor

A barbell approach to investing can be the right approach for many people. Ensuring that your floor is there allows you to sleep at night and take more risk elsewhere in your portfolio. Blueprint has managed to make the process of achievinf this easy and cheaper.


Automated the process of building guaranteed income in retirement


Tough to prioritize somthing that is decades out

Overall good experience


Relatively simple process and not having to put a lot of money upfront.. this can be done online or with a Blueprint Income rep.


One has to realize that they are locking up their money until retirement.