A boilerplate to create Rails 5 apps easily and quickly

Rails 5 Blueprint is a boilerplate to create Rails 5 apps easily and quickly.

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Hi Hunters ๐Ÿ‘‹ I spin up Rails apps quite often for my projects/side hustles and every time it takes me at least 1 hour to configure all the gems, scripts and other stuff. I started documenting the various steps here: Tired of having to do everything manually every single time, I created a boilerplate app that I can just git clone in a few seconds. Libraries included in this rails app: User authentication via Devise * Login/Sign up pages already designed and easyly customizable * Script that handles flash messages * Easy CSS animations with Animated.css * Design via Bulma + Sass * Rename your app in 1 command with Rename * Troubleshoot problems faster with Better Errors * Production-ready DB setup via postgres * Google Analytics with Turbolinks support Ideas/feedback/suggestions are welcome. Please open a PR to suggest a new feature!
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I always enjoy discovering new boilerplate starters. It's tough to balance utility with glut, so your contribution is greatly appreciated! Go Maitre!!
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@jawise Thanks Jason! Yeah the goal is to keep it simple