BlueLight on Apple Watch

The smarter way to reach 911 from your Watch

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It's great to see products that are using technology to actually help make us safer (from each other) and more. BlueLight to the rescue!
@hnshah this is cool!
We heard of a powerful story over Christmas of someone who used the service to call for help during a head on car crash. You can see the story here: I'm the CEO and Founder of BlueLight (will be getting our teammates on here). We hear stories of so many different ways that people use the service because safety is very personal - from walking home late at night, knowing where they are, or even peace of mind while riding in an uber.
@preetnation Amazing idea to port the app to your watch. Nice work Preet!
@preetnation Awesome to see you all on product hunt this week!! Congrats
Congrats @preetnation! I've enjoyed following what you're up to and think this is a great step.
Ahh! Congrats @preetnation !! My sister has loved working for you guys!!
@themarshalien first, she's amazing. second, that's an amazing twitter handle.
Congrats @preetnation! It's amazing to see watch Bluelight continue to grow.