Real-time route tracking and sharing for iPhone

Bluelane allows you to easily track your route and share it with anyone. They can track you in real-time using a web browser, on any device. No additional software to install, no sign-ups and no new social network to manage.

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Hi everyone. I built Bluelane to scratch my own itch, as I needed to share my route and location live when biking and hiking. It's free to try for 14 days. People can track you using a web browser on any device, nothing to install or sign up to.
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@tomislav Similar to Strava's beacon feature for premium members. I'm curious why you needed to share your route & location live? Safety reasons?
@golear Safety and kicks on social media. People use it for all kinds of things... from city running to cross country motorcycle trips, strapping iPhones to drones and helicopters :). Quite a few people did fundraisers where they allowed people to track them live and donate to the cause they're promoting.