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Lauren Licata — VP of Marketing, Belly
Hi everyone!

You might be familiar with Belly due to our expansive network, powering loyalty programs for thousands of businesses since 2011. But just last week, we went bigger. We launched BLUE by Belly: a configurable, omni-channel loyalty platform for the world’s largest retailers & brands.

We built BLUE to give marketers an unprecedented understanding of their customers; enabling them to build stronger, more profitable customer relationships without the headaches (long lead-times, inflexibility) caused by the outdated loyalty solutions currently available.

Feel free to request access to our sandbox environment here:, we’ll be happy to answer your questions!

VP of Marketing, Belly
Jeff Judge — Bright
@laurenlicata This looks awesome! Nice work
Lauren Licata — VP of Marketing, Belly
@jjudge Thanks Jeff! The team worked really hard.
Patrick Algrim — Previous Founder/CPO at
@laurenlicata Great work @shayhowe @loganlahive and Company!
KELLI DAWN — COUPONS 👉 1CARD +🍒 Healthy Food Points
@laurenlicata OK Let's talk! I am building TheCouponCard and talked till I am blue in the face!?! Since this hasn't been done before no one knows what or how to go about this!! HELP thanks
Elizabeth S Hunker — EIR @ vLAB
Seems great - are there any competing platforms for this out there? If so, what does Blue do best? @BellyCard @shayhowe @loganlahive @darbyfrey
Lauren Licata — VP of Marketing, Belly
@elizabethhunker @bellycard @shayhowe @loganlahive @darbyfrey Hi Elizabeth -- thanks for your comment. We're seeing the line start to blur between agencies/consultants who are trying to shore up there technical capabilities (Brierley/Aimia) , traditional software providers (Oracle/SAP), and data/analytics companies (Tibco). The traditional model focuses on a top down approach to loyalty -- where corporate sets the program and it's difficult to iterate or customize at the local level. We think BLUE fills a gap in the market by being platform-first; allowing brands to get to market faster and adjust their programs relentlessly at all levels -- from local to corporate. Client feedback so far has been very positive!
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