The best way to send flowers

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@erictwillis have you used this yet? And if not, may I recommend some lovely blooms to the PH offices or maybe to @bentossell? 😉💐
@katesegrin I haven't. I should test it with my wife and get some bonus points.
@erictwillis @katesegrin haha I second that on her behalf ;)
what's new in the 2.0 version?
@_jacksmith This is what it says in the App Store: • All new design and checkout experience, making it faster and easier to send blooms. • Previous recipient info is saved… so now you can tap, tap, send! • We’ve also made it easy to pull contact information directly from your address book. • Access order history and dive into all the deets. • There’s even Apple Pay. Woohoo! • Got a promo code? Now you can use it when ordering with the app too! • Curate the perfect package with a selection of add-ons like sweet treats, candles and more!
It might be worth mentioning here that this is a US-only service
@brandonb927 ah I was just going to ask. Wishing for deliveries abroad!
I love BloomThat -- great flowers, great price!
Hey BloomThat, just tried to send my Mom flowers in Columbus, Ohio, picked the only flowers that were available tomorrow, got to the end and I get this message that they're not available for that delivery timeframe (even though it showed as available for delivery. :-(