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#1 Product of the DayMarch 09, 2014
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I'm one of the co-founders. Please feel free to give us any input
Hi @ThomasPage! The Hot-or-Not/Tinder model is being applied to everything. It makes a lot of sense for many products, culling the noise and mutually empowering two sides of a market. Which side of the market (those recruiting vs. looking for work) have you found more difficult to attract?
@rrhoover Bay Area technology companies are desperate for quality talent so it hasn't been too difficult bringing them onboard. Plus with our model they have nothing to lose by using it. The talent side of the equation I believe is the more difficult side of Blonk to build up. However, if you create more value to talented folks and people get jobs through us we will achieve our goals. One of the incentives currently is that you can talk to founders of top notch startups on Blonk. As a rule of thumb, if the talent is hanging out in a certain place the companies will go there.
I know this is true for any startup and therefore cliche, but if executed well this seems to me like something with room for serious traction. Just straight up this got me really excited but also anxious: the two signs that typically appear when I see something that has high potential. Mostly I love how it (potentially) tears down so many walls and makes things brutally simple. I think it's no secret I'm a fan of brutal simplicity. I'm not looking for a job but @ThomasPage if I can ever help at all get at me.
@thetylerhayes thanks for the thoughts. Let's talk more. Pop me an email at