Turn your articles into audio

Audio is the new trend for consuming content. But while everyone's listening to podcasts, you're still writing articles. Why not serve people where they're at?
With Blogcast, you can generate audio versions of your articles, automatically.
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  • Marvin Borisch
    Marvin BorischHCI/UX & Data Scientist for PropTechs.

    - blazing fast - awesome price policy - good quality - almost flawless gramatical pronounciation


    - problems with enumerations

    From sign-up to downloading the first article audio it took me less than five minutes. The processing of the audio took me less than 20 seconds for a article with 1125 words (6858 characters without spaces) to be generated. Will use again.

    Marvin Borisch has used this product for one day.
  • Daniel Jones
    Daniel JonesLead Developer at Lifestyle Compass

    Super simple to use, high quality audio, great price.


    It would be great to have some analytics down the line, but this isn’t vital, and hasn’t impacted the product in any way for me.

    I implemented blogcadt across my blog to make it easier for people to consume our content, this is especially helpful as it’s a fitness based company so people can listen to our articles while working out! The experience has been excellent so far, and any issues I did encounter were very quickly resolved. I couldn’t recommend blogcast enough, I can’t wait to see where this product goes!

    Daniel Jones has used this product for one month.
  • Duncan McClean
    Duncan McCleanMaker of many things

    The voices are very real, its fast and works well.


    Yet to fine one.

    Overall, a great product

    Duncan McClean has used this product for one month.