Secure Document Signing & Verification Powered by Blockchain

Encrypted Document Signing and Digital Notary - Powered by the Blockchain

Secure DocuSign Alternative with Video Proofs!

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Badly needed so big up guyz :) Small question: is Docusign going in the same direction?
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@francesco_bellanca also curious about your question
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@francesco_bellanca This article explains the approach Docusign is taking in regards to the Blockchain (Ethereum) . I think they are always going to maintain ownership of your document and your keys to decrypt it (if they even encrypt at rest in the first place) in their centralized database (honeypot)
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@francesco_bellanca @rrhoover Blockusign's take on "smart contracts" for this use case is you don't need an on-chain smart contract (like Ethereum). You simple have two parties provide a final state hash of the document they signed with e-signatures, then you simply create a digital signature of that document hash. Both parties have their separate digitally signed copies (in user controlled blockstack storage) and persist that hash to the bitcoin blockchain using the OP_RETURN. That hash can be linked back to the users blockstack name (and attestations, like facebook/twitter) to prove who they are. To save on costs I am actually currently implementing Blockstack Subdomains to batch hashes and only persist a Merkle root hash occasionally to bitcoin. I think this architecture can be used for many different use-cases for "off chain" smart contracts using state hashes. Unless Docusign drastically changes their entire architecture I do not think they will ever support user controlled storage and identity (self sovereign). Tim Berner's Lee has a similar philosophy with his SOLID project . Blockusign uses Blockstack to accomplish this . (edited) Here's a link to a video explaining my architecture (at a very high level) with the app demo
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@balajis recently tweeted about this. Not sure if this is a response or coincidence, but pretty cool either way!
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This. Is. More. Like. It. DLT-ize the enterprise, one tiny, USEFUL, node at a time. @amrith @nicktee
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Product Hunt community, I am happy to announce 3 new features rolling out in Blockusign today! πŸŽ‰ These features get us one step closer to true data ownership in the document signing and verification space. Do we really need third party intermediaries who are prone to error and corruption to verify digital documents being signed when we have the Blockchain and Cryptography? New Features: (1) Import pdf's from Graphite Docs (2) Save Digital Signatures to the Blockchain (3) Verify signature on chain (Proof of Document Signing).
Cool stuff man!