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Paul Finney reviewedBlockstack Browser for the WebA browser to explore a new internet for decentralized apps

Blockstack is innovation at its core, fundamentally it's going to change the way internet works.


Adoption rate might be slow, but this is the future.

I've been fiddling around with Decentralized network/ blockchain based products for sometime now. Blockstack is setting up an amazing ecosystem on its decentralized web. The community is so open at the moment, with constant exchange of concepts, a strong support network that help individuals push radical ideas on the blockchain network using blockstack - Let's put the user in control.

The development environment is at its early stage and very welcoming.

Blockstack focuses on general-purpose apps and the core architecture, and even the libraries are very different. Here is a discussion about the difference between Ethereum and Blockstack:

I'm excited to be a part of this journey with Blockstack.

Check out their whitepaper at:

Join the Blockstack forum:

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Huge shoutout to @Patrick, @Muneeb, @Ryan, @Jack, @Aaron and other folks at Blockstack

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