Hub for crypto news, thoughts, and market data

Blocknewsfeed is your hub for everything crypto:

- Feed of the top crypto news

- Blog posts & tweets from the top thought leaders in crypto

- Market and price data for your favorite coins

- Personalized feeds based off the coins you’re most interested in.

- Works on desktop, mobile web, and iOS app. Android coming soon :)

Hey Hunters 👋, Dean Mraz and I are super excited to share Blocknewsfeed with you today! We built Blocknewsfeed with the goal to better organize everything that’s going on in the crypto world. In such a fast-moving space it can be next to impossible to keep up with everything, and even more difficult to decide what’s worth your time. News stories, price action, crypto Twitter, blog posts, research pieces… the list of new info coming out is growing at an ever-increasing rate. We built Blocknewsfeed to be useful for everyone from the crypto newbie to the original OG Satoshi Nakamoto and we’d love to hear your feedback on what you like/dislike and your ideas for future improvements to the app. Feel free to shoot us a note here or email me at if that’s easier for you.
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Love the interface and the user experience. My favorite feature is the though piece section which is unique in this website
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@shrikar_ru glad you like the Thought Piece section!
Blocknewsfeed is my go-to source for crypto news and insights. It has become a part of my regular routine to stay up to date on important news.
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@brayden_james Thank you for the love Brayden!
This is an amazing site. Met the owner on a quick call really excited to see what else comes from the team behind it. If you like getting crypto news and don't enjoy combing through pointless click bait or shill articles, this is for you. Bookmark this site and create a profile so you can get a custom crypto news experience.
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@adammmanka thank you for positive feedback!
Hands down the best source of crypto news...and I know how bold of a statement that is
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