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We started BlockChannel as a way to imbue the general masses with the esoteric knowledge locked up in the minds of the brilliant people working on blockchain-based technologies like ZCash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum. By having fun and educational conversations, and matching that with great music - we want to entice young developers and entrepreneurs into our growing industry. Guests have included Joseph Lubin (ConsenSys/Ethereum) , Brendan Eich (Creator Javascript/Brave.com), and now Zooko Wilcox (Creator of ZCash) Sit down a spell, enjoy some smooth jams and learn you something new.
On this weeks episode of BlockChannel, host McKie and Dee interview creator of ZCash and cryptopgraphy legend, Zooko Wilcox. Dr. Corey Petty, host of The Bitcoin Podcast joins us as well in this interview as a guest host as we dive into use cases for zero-knowledge proofs, and encrypted messaging. Zooko even shares tips for "young, hip and fresh developers" to join the ZCash developer community. This episode is a must listen for anyone whose knowledge of ZCash is...zero.
ZCash! I'm confused at this one year accounting. Why would anyone want to wait a year to find out if the system balance is correct?