Blockchain World Cup Pool

Decentralized pool to predict the winner of World Cup 2018

We are the first platform that powers decentralized bets between friends and fans directly on the blockchain through the use of smart contracts. Our World Cup 2018 pool enables fans from all around the world to come together and predict their winner while being rewarded for doing so early on if they buy a ticket before the next price increase.

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Hey @tomashd, Can you tell us more about how this works?
@jacqvon Hi. Essentially what the platform does for you is it allows you to generate your own ERC 721 token (like a Crypto Kittie) with your pick for the world cup. As time goes on, there is a schedule by which the price of the token will go up. When the World Cup ends, the smart contract will distribute the entire Prize Pool to those that guessed correctly. The beauty is that if you guess correctly now, your ticket will only cost you 0.05ETH but if you do it much later it could cost you 100x that price. So we encourage everyone to jump into the pool as early as possible. Let me know if that clarifies it. In case you want a background on who we are, this is a nice old post about our project.
Hi, Just to clarify, the win/loss are based on completely random chances, or are there certain factor that could determine a winner or loser?
@richardobrien No there are no odds, this is a straight pool. Kind of like what you will have in your office or between friends. Just on the blockchain. Obviously some teams are better than others but realistically speaking each team is just as likely to win it as the next. Cheers