Essentialist's memo for iPhone

blink is a novel approach to a todolist. It allows for essential stuff like priority markers, gestures and dictation, while having clean and clever UI.

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Android??? I like this! Very fresh and minimal.
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@anna_0x unfortunately, no :( Which is strange, I've seen Android apps from the very same developers before 🤷
@killthekitten haha I was trying to address the developer, like "are you planning on making an Android version?" I see there isn't one currently 😛
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Like this concept a lot. Nice design and clever interface. One piece of feedback - the menu interface isn’t great. Each menu tab closes the menu when you press it. So If you want to do two things you need to go through the menu opening process twice. Given that the menu opening process is a long press on an item... this gets annoying, fast.
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