Puts you inside your favorite music video

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My favorite music video at the moment, that I will likely be inserting myself into this weekend
From the makers of Chosen but since blew up the team took a step back and re-jigged. This is the new baby. @dhyman tell us the story about what happened from Chosen to Blingy :) Announced by @fitztepper on TechCrunch puts you inside your favorite music video Like Dubsmash, but like totally different but like totally cool and totally hip - am I doing it right?
I'm so old.
Well they can capitalize on the audience with this one. Seems like it could be a hit.
Firstly I stuck at the point when the app insists to get access to my contacts. That was a bad start. After I read too many bad reviews on Google Play so I give it another go. For second time it allowed me to play with the features... Still not impressed. The tech behind the idea is pretty obvious... so it's not really a technical challenge rather needs a cool design to get an amazing UX. (Halfscreen, short videos, slow server...) At this point blingy feels more like an MVP than a finished product. Good luck... there is a long jpurney ahead.