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Hi to all We are thrilled to share what we are working on with all the data geeks in Product Hunt. Blendo is a self-serve platform that enables you to have access to all of the data that are important to you, build and maintain different views of your data and finally help realize your vision for a data-driven company. Build and host data pipelines and remix your data from multiple sources - like user events, sales, email campaigns, marketing and ads, analytics and more - into business value. Please don't hesitate to ask questions here or send me a quick email at
The idea is very interesting. A pricing table would be really helpful though. At the moment, I don't know what will happen after the 14-day trial.
@riyadhalnur Thank you so much for the possitive feedback. You are completely right about the pricing and we will take care of it immediately.
Looks amazing!
@gilto1024 Thank you Gil for your comment
Similar to what I've been working on secretly. Blendo looks good @kostaspardalis @giorgosps
@blukasz it's always good to have more people working on similar products/ideas, it makes everyone better. Thank you very much for the positive feedback.
Looks interesting, how is it different from Segment ?
Hi @alex_flom and thank you both for finding Blendo interesting and also for your question. Regarding Segment, if you are referring to their core product, then the main difference is that Segment is pushing the data that your users generate on your product to other services while Blendo collects all the data that you are generating on these services into one place (of your choice). Now if you are referring to Segment Sources, then there's a greater affinity between the two products. The main difference here is that Blendo aims to be something more than a typical pipeline that pulls data from one point and move it into a data warehouse. We actually want to be a layer that enables the different services that you use to exchange data, e.g. move data from your CRM and ticketing system to the data warehouse, but also get the results from a query on your data warehouse back to your CRM to enrich the profiles of your customers.