Collaborate w/ musicians & producers to make music together

#4 Product of the DayMay 30, 2014
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Probably one of my favorite companies of all time. Share your guitar solo and someone else can pick it up and add their drum beat to it. Possibilities are endless here and real collaboration on music creation without unnecessary consideration of geographical location is possible. Coolest thing is imagining how this will help musicians unlock new ways to monetize their efforts. David Bowie can now sell the component parts of "Let's Dance" and people can remix with their own vocals, etc. (not that anything could ever beat David's melodic voice on that masterpiece).
This is so cool. Can't wait to hear what kind of cool stuff comes out of this. Hey @decktonic, Does Blend allow for collaboration on projects with multiple DAWs (e.g. Logic & Ableton on the same project)?
I second that.
Blend supports FL Studio now too which is great! They're supporting more plugins as well so collaboration will be even more seamless as more content is added.
@playswithfood I'd love to try this out with @alexbaldwin! Do you have any invite codes to spare? Edit: Applied for a membership code through the site too, in case the wait is short and I don't need to use up anyone's invites)