Blaze allows you to share files across multiple devices on the web. No registrations required, start sharing files instantly by joining rooms.
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Hello Product Hunt, I built Blaze because I wanted an easier and seamless way to share files between my laptop and mobile without signing up for any service 😇 It uses a direct device to device (peer-to-peer) connection to share files across supported devices and networks. Since it's a web app, you don't have to install any app on your device to share files ⚡ I have been constantly working and learning by building this product. Since I started working on it, I have open-sourced this project so that anyone can leave feedback and contribute features ❤️
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@misir Thanks for letting me know 😇 The server went down because of the Product Hunt love! I have migrated it to for the time being
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Cool tool Akash! Simple and ready to use right away, All the best!
Keep at it. Ignore the tone. The early feedback will help you identify issues.
@joewardpr Thank you for the positive support 😇