Black Illustrations

Free illustrations of people of color for your next project.

Black illustrations is a series of FREE digital designs of black people for your next online project. From your websites and web applications to mobile apps and more, we’ve built these designs to be used anywhere and everywhere in a TON of different formats.
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We did it for the culture. Black illustrations is a series of FREE digital designs of black people for your next online project. You can use these images in mobile apps, product launches, buyer personas, websites and more! Free for personal and commercial use. What's Included? 🖼️ 30+ Beautiful, Hi-Res Images ✍🏽 PNG, JPG, Sketch and More 👨🏾‍💻Multiple Skin Tones, Attire and Hair Styles How to Use 1. Download the files. 2. Upload them to your favorite project. Yes, it's that simple! We provide a ton of different file formats, so you can edit these images, increase and decrease their size and more! All for FREE All of these images are free for personal and commercial use. To get the image pack for free, just put $0 in the price. If you want to support our growth and you're feeling generous, you can also add some funds to keep growing this thing!
I think you are too much “inspired” by the website So much so that you copied the colors, font, patterns on the buttons ... Not good guys;)
I love this! There’s a bias that exists even in illustrations, to shed light on this and build out illustrations that represent the experience of black culture is awesome. Keep fighting the good fight! ✊🏾
Amazing product! I have been waiting for black illustrations to use in my content for a long time.
Thank you John and team for this contribution to the content space. By creating this you not only give something actionable to others to use but you’re drawing attention to a broader conversation. I hope that the Product Hunt community, black or otherwise will embrace this opportunity and use these high quality resources in their own products and projects scaling impact. You have my full support. Proud to know Black Illustrations was #madeinmiami with ❤️ and adding that to your website would be my only initial feedback. I will circle back with you with more as I use the product myself.